Volumetric Mixers

Volumetric Mixers
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The Case for Volumetric Mixers
The Problem:
The rotary drum mixer is well established but so are its drawbacks.  Once loaded, it has a fixed amount of concrete to deliver within a fixed period of time before it sets.  The mix cannot be changed and if you have over-ordered the congrete goes to waste.  If you have under-ordered the mixer must return to base to be re-loaded at your cost.
The Solution:
With volumetric mixers the dry ingredients are mixed on the spot, the concrete always arrives fresh - no older than 7 seconds - on site.
Our mixers unique dispensing system is accurate to within 1% of volume delivered and if you have over-ordered the mixer can be shut off without any wasted concrete.
The mix can be changed during the run to suit your precise specifications so, if two different mixes are required, there is no need for the mixer to return to base.
"No part loads, no waste, no time limits - a premium service you will appreciate!"